With SK Telecom waiting in the grand finals to decide the

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Under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

The Council adopted a communication on the balance sheet 2017 and the 2018 outlook for the marketing of walnuts The 2017 cashew marketing campaign marked the fourth year of implementation of the reform of the cashew nut sector, including the strategic lines adopted by the Government. In 2017, CA?te d’Ivoire recorded production of 711,236 tonnes for a forecast of 715,000 tonnes. Achievement rate of 99%, representing half of West Africa’s production and 22% of production Twenty-nine (29) processing units were identified in 2017 for a theoretical capacity of 109,500 tonnes, about 16% of the produc The 2018 marketing campaign, which has a production forecast of 750 000 tonnes, should consolidate the achievements of the first four years of the reform, with a greater emphasis on quality and the implementation of incentive measures. Hermes Belt Replica

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