We’re all so ensconced with it

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Hermes Replica Handbags Sidi and Adjoumani launch a professional integration project for the benefit of 3300 young people

Specifically, 450 small poultry companies (PEA) financed with 07 modern slaughterhouses built, supported in the marketing by the installation of 100 Kiosks for Sale of Poultry (KVA) for the disposal of
Abidjan January 16, 2018, the Minister for the Promotion of Youth, Youth Employment and Civic Service, Sidi TiAi??moko TourAi?? and the Minister of Resources KOBENAN Kouassi Adjoumani, Animales et Halieutiques, co-hosted a press conference on the socio-occupational integration project of 3,300 young people in the sector
“Approximately 600 formal integrated enterprises will be created in the value chain and will enable to develop a socio-economic stability for the benefit of 3,300 young people in decent jobs, “said Minister Sidi
According to him, this project is an answer at the same time to the problems related to the integration of young people in stable economic sectors and to the insufficiency of the national production in proteins of origin. Specifically, it is 450 Small Poultry Enterprises (PEA) financed with 07 modern slaughterhouses built, supported in the marketing by the installation of 100 Kiosks of Sale Poultry (KVA) for the flow of
According to the Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries Kobenan Kouassi Adjoumani, the pilot phase will cover eight (08) regions, in particular Poro, GbA?kA?, Gontougo, the upper Sassandra, the South ComoAi??, the Great Bridges, the Kabadougou, the Cavally and the Yamoussoukro District, for a period of one (01)
It will create 72 Small Poultry Enterprises, 90 Sales Kiosks, 9 Authorized Management Centers and set up a supervision system with 20 agents, ie 659 jobs. To ensure a good coordination of the project, the Age nce Youth Jobs will identify potential youthbeneficiaries, to examine their files and to put in place the financing via the Support Fund for the Integration of
A ministerial committee of control and follow-up of the project will be set in
Regarding the sources The pilot project will be financed jointly by the Youth Employment Agency and PAPAN for one billion one hundred and eighty-four million three hundred and seven thousand four hundred (1,184,307,400 FCFA) Hermes Replica Handbags.


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