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Even see them – we will tax the plantations per hectare but we give no land title to And yet there is money in the country! The Ivory Coast is rich:
Let’s look for example on the side of the urban property tax: the houses come out of earth every day in Abidjan at the very point where we have seen the extension of the city of
Another thing there are many institutions totally unitile that can be removed to bail out the coffers of the state:
– The big Chancery will make us 1,500,000,000 FCFA saved
– The Economic and Social Council will save us 5,500,000 FCFA
– The house of kings and traditional chiefs will save us 4,000,000,000 CFA – The mediation will make us 2,900,000,000 FCFA will make 3 300 000 000 FCFA of- If we reduce theWe can win some – The esplanade of the presidency will make us CFA 7,500,000,000- The former residences of the heads of state in the interior of the country will make us 1500 million CFA francs. – The general inspectorate of state that is useless we can do without it
– The high authority for the good governance which is useless at all since the markets are passed by mutual agreement. National human rights commission that is also useless.

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