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It is the basis for her to live. If he is living only, only he is living only by inviting him, the tailor is feeling uncomfortable without him. Every feeling in it gives him a lot of courage and strength, that means that the power inside him is using his love.

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The Minister ANNE OULOTO, had with her, the elected officials, executives of BLOLEQUIN, the Haute hierrachie of the National Gendarmerie, that of the FACI and the It is the meeting room of the Town hall of BLOLEQUIN who served as a framework for this meeting between the government emissary and the people who have massively carried out the: #AnneOULOTO: << We must not be angry with the gendarmerie even if one of its elements has made THE GENERAL # AlexandreTourAi??ABALO: << We regret the harm caused by an element of the Gendarmerie to the The necessary measures will be taken to stop this kind of behavior within the # BohePaulMARINER, PRESIDENT OF THE YOUTH OF BLOLEQUIN deplored the situation, apologizing to the prefectural body and his condolences to the families of Finally he asked for the dismantling of the dams Unanimously the people asked the departure of the PREFET of the department of BLOLEQUIN and the maintenance of the central sub-prefect who advocates peace and social cohesion in the
An envelope of 3 million Fcfa was offered during the ceremony, the parents of victims, traditional leaders, youth and taxi drivers It is after a visit to the relatives of the victims in the GuerAi?? district that this mission has taken. # INVESTIGATIONS: In addition to the Military arrested, a gendarme was also put in. He comes from the Blolequin Brigade and had the same order of mission as the Mdl ROGER But the investigations reveal that this one had not presented itself to the corridor for his chore This then it falls on the blow of the law which stipulates that in this circumstance it is a violation of Fake Hermes Bags.


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