Stacks’ opponent in the mayoral race is named Harold Gray

Affably Evil: The first villain is actually quite lighthearted and even charming about their plots and misdeeds, only turning desperate when cornered. The others. not so much . Amoral Attorney: Averted with both Falcon and Cocorico, each of whom mentions in Act 2 that he’s more interested in finding the truth than winning the case. Judge Romulus calls them “moralizing blowhards” for this. Been There, Shaped History: No matter what you do, Falcon and Sparrowson play a key part in how the French Revolution of 1848 unfolds.

Celine Bags Outlet Stacks first meets Annie across the street from a place called Punjab Harlem Cleaning Supply, named for the bodyguard character in the original comics. Stacks’ opponent in the mayoral race is named Harold Gray, after the comic strip’s creator. The opening scene at school begins with a red haired Caucasian girl named Annie giving a presentation. We then immediately meet our protagonist, who is also named Annie. The band playing in the bar where Guy hatches his plan with Hannigan is called the Leapin’ Lizards, which was the newspaper comic strip Annie’s Catch Phrase. Stacks and Grace start yelling until one of the other foster children reminds them that Annie can’t hear them. This is a throwback to the original movie where Warbucks and Grace yell for Annie during the car chase. Stacks is randomly discovered by Annie to actually be bald partway through the film, wearing a very realistic wig. It’s only ever alluded to once shortly afterwards. Warbucks, who Stacks is based on, was the world’s richest bald man. The musical and the 1982 film had Franklin D. Roosevelt as a supporting character and he alluded to his future policies for the economy. When Annie asks Grace about the millions of servants and the chef, it’s a reference to Mister Warbuck’s servants (and chef). Never Learned to Read: Annie’s dark secret, revealed when feckless Guy puts a speech on the teleprompter for her to read, assuming she can because of her age. Parental Abandonment: How Annie ended up a foster kid. And the other foster kids as well. Celine Bags Outlet

Celine Replica handbags However, when Ronald Reagan started downsizing and he lost his job, Kill Moves spiraled downward on a path of paranoia and schizophrenia and wandered the streets until Gazoo told him that he’d only find true happiness by living in a box. Hilariously Abusive Childhood: Rochelle is not a patient person and it shows. In turn, Rochelle’s mother is heavily critical of her daughter Cheap Celine Handbags. It is notable that most of the abuse is taken out on Chris in keeping with the “Chris can’t catch a break” theme of the series. Celine Replica handbags

Cheap Celine Bags Bad Boss: Satan literally fires employees that leave his employment and casually abuses the rest, plain decapitating one for a minor inconvenience. Berserk Button: The Devil is very fond of his dark longcoat, so damaging it is the most surefire way to piss him off royally. The first time a human does that, he crucifies the man to the ceiling. Big Good: The Pope, who oversees the attempt to stop Satan and urges faith when things look their worst. Bittersweet Ending: In the end, The End of the World as We Know It was averted, but Jericho sacrifices himself to do it, although Jericho can finally be with his family again. Cheap Celine Bags

replica celine bags Dirty Communists: Colonel Sun himself is a part of the Chinese branch of this trope. An interesting subversion occurs in the fact that Bond allies with the GRU agent Ariadne to stop him. The head of the Greek KGB branch is a pedophile. Ear Ache: First part of Bond’s torture has Sun rummaging through his ear canal with a metal spike. Expy: Colonel Sun, like Doctor No, is one for Fu Manchu. Evil Plan: Sun, as per orders from China, plans to disrupt a secret meeting hosted by Soviet Union by killing everyone in it, and framing the British for the deed. replica celine bags

replica celine handbags The Ghost: Billy Joe Good Is Not Nice Good Thing You Can Heal: Pritkin Half Breed Discrimination: Dorina, because she’s a dhampir; Pritkin, because he’s half demon. Half Human Hybrid: See above. Healing Factor: The Mage John Pritkin. Interspecies Romance: Cassie is the human Pythia, Mircea is a vampire and Pritkin is a mage. Also, Cassie’s parents were a former Pythia heir and a allegedly former Black Circle Mage It’s All My Fault: Cassie has a tendency to blame herself when things go wrong replica celine handbags.


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