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Many major airports offer direct flights to Jamaica’s Montego Bay, where a handful of affordable accommodations can be found. But for those who don’t mind a slightly longer airport transfer, Ocho Rios (a couples hours from Montego) is an even more budget friendly destination. (Some of Montego Bay’s resorts can be quite luxurious, and therefore expensive.) Once a sleepy fishing village, Ocho Rios is now home to numerous all inclusives nestled among laid back, local joints offering cheap beers and tasty jerk chicken.

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We wish to reaffirm our confidence in the Organization of Nationswe are grateful to the members of the Security Council for allowing us to preside twice this year on the work of the
This trust and faith in the Organization makes me an obligation to thank the Secretary General,
I can not finish without paying tribute to the eminent qualities of our President (Paul Lusaka of Zambia) who will, with the foresight that we know him, direct the work of this Thirty-ninth
Mr. President,

traveled thousands of “Soon the stars will return to visit the earth from which they have moved away during our dark times; the sun will set down its severe specter, become star again among the stars, all the races of the world will gather again, after a long separation, the old orphan families will meet and every day will see new reunions, new embraces; then the inhabitants of time long ago will return to the earth, in each tomb will awake the ashes extinguished, everywhere will burn again the flames of life, the old houses will be rebuilt, the old times will be renewed and history will be the dream of a present to the infinite expanse. “

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