R 1 3
* Contact Chris directly at 082 940 0377

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We are looking for people who can help children with Extra Math Lessons….

< br> —- Pta North, Mountainview, Capital Park, Sunnyside, Claremont, Wonderboom & Surrounding

—- Centurion & Surrounding
————- ————————————————– ————

Hoef NOT to be a Teacher!
* Should be able to help with GRADE 4 TO GRADE 12
* Must be in one of The above-mentioned areas of residence are
* Afrikaans speaking
* Min Requirements: Gr 12 Certificate with * Ordinary Math * as Subject (Not Literal Literacy!)
* Own Transport
* Work Your Own Hours
* Ideas for Students & School Leafers & Matriculants Who Are Ready

* We Pay…. R 1 3
* Contact Chris directly at 082 940 0377. Hermes Belt Replica

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