Km and subsequently enlarged to include the adjoining areas of

“At least it has a consistent philosophy, whether you agree with it or not,” said Douglas Holtz Eakin, an economist who served as director of the Congressional Budget Office and is now president of the American Action Forum, a conservative pro growth advocacy group. Mr. Holtz Eakin has criticized Mr.

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Hermes Handbags Replica A t elle racont Le retour a dur, mais la vie a bonne. Apr son d j’ai eu un regain d’ Il m’habitait. Je me sentais forte.., with a view to the annulment or exclusion of these
It is after that only that the defense of “Opah the nation”, p will produce its list of
Such a technique does not consistit not to open already the trial before the trial which should not open, normally, only after the hearing of the witnesses of the defense? Because, the current phase is only a phase of instruction of the
Technically, Fatou will be able to emerge from such a trapping of Me Altit?

The decision of the judges us will be there –

Responding to the defense of President Laurent GBAGBO, the judges have decided:
< Firstly, that Fatou's request for the production of the list of defense witnesses is not applicable as it stands, that is to say, we will no longer speak of Judges, as Mr. Altit raised, said that "in order for the judges and the defense to appreciate the Prosecutor's case, the Prosecutor must provide a pre-trial brief containing a detailed account of his case, in the light of the testimony heard and the documentary evidence presented to the prosecutor, the judges ask Fatou BENSOUDA to tell them how the evidence confirms, each n of the four crimes that we have recalled above, and how can the criminal responsibility of President Laurent GBAGBO and of Minister Charles BLAi?? GoudAi?? be clearly declined? Better, at this stage of the debate, the judges have imposed a methodology as to how Fatou should write his
Why such a warning?

Simply because lawyers, when they are stuck, like to resort, for example, to silky formulas, references to texts from the prehistoric era… Etc, to get out Finally, the judges have decided that once the defense teams have received the trial brief imposed on Fatou, they will be able to comment on the continuation of the case Hermes Handbags Replica.


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