It common ground that we can share

“Even if there a language barrier, they know the game, and they love the game. It common ground that we can share, where we may not be super familiar with their circumstance and what they going through. But we can maybe meet them where they are, and just experience some fun with them.”.

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“I feel like a father (to these officers),” said police Chief Bobby Fisher, who was promoted to the position last year. “I lost one of my kids. It hurts. The assassins seemed to appear from no where. It was as if, the dense foliage; and the air itself, had come to life. Hundreds of these assailants were dispatched by his men; many were killed by Haran, himself.

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Despite their struggles early in the season, however, the Bears currently bring an imposing skillset to their tournament campaign. With the top scoring defense in the Pac 12, Cal’s stalwart system has left opponents often unable to breach the 70 point mark. This is partly thanks to the impressive performance in the post by Rabb, who has the most rebounds per game on the squad with an average of 8.4 per contest..

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