Have been searching frantically for the missing since rivers

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Hermes Bags Replica Coup de thAi??A?tre: An AFP dispatch fuels the assumption of obvious collusion of the two complainants and of a bribery of
The minutes of the hearings of the two complainants leaked in the press and investigations have revealed ” Connections Between Complainants and Tariq’s Appreciated Detractors
According to a report that AFP heard about, “the investigators found that the two complainants shared regular contacts with several detractors of the > In addition, the telephone records show frequent communications from each of the two complainants with the line of Fiammetta Venner, an intimacy of Mrs. Fourest:
– 116 times for Christelle
– and 156 for Ayari Ai?? Hermes Replica Purse.

And that was between May 6 and November 6, 2017, well before and right after the filings by
While the plaintiffs said they did not know each other, the investigation also showed that they had spoken several years
In a report of which the AFP has knowledge, the wife of Gilles Kepel, great opponent of Tariq Ramadan, told early December to have met “there are eight or nine years “In Paris, Christelle with a radio host Beur
After this interview, Christelle was introduced to Caroline Fourest and then accompanied her on the set of a TV show, where she was discussing with Tariq
This animator of Beur Fm also appears in the telephone list prepared by the investigators: she has been in contact with – 151 times with Christelle
– and 57 times with Ayari on the period May / November
That is to say well before and just after the deposit of p laura Ayari and
We already knew that Christelle had met the magistrate Michel Debacq who is currently in office in the court where Tariq Ramadan should be
We knew that Caroline Fourest and Antoine Sfeir were present during this
let’s learn today that even Gil’s wifethe Kepel was of

How far this masquerade will it stop?

The French Justice must immediately release
#tariq_ramadan before the discredit of the judicial proceeding is total and ONLY THE TRUTH OF GOD TRIUMPH

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