Despite the weather’s attempt

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Hermes Replica Belt What other criterion than GDP to evaluate growth?

In this World Bank article, experts use another system to calculate wealth of a

Free from measure of GDP to analyze the evolution of wealth in the world

Following the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, a group of World Bank economists specialize in environment began to want to measure “sustainability”. Why? Because the main indicator of a country’s economy, namely its gross domestic product (GDP), does not provide any information on the state of its natural resources (forests, water, minerals …), which are essential to ensure sustainable economic growth where they are
Twenty years later, the World Bank publishes its third assessment of
The report studies the evolution of wealth of 141 countries between 1995 and 2014, taking into account the capital natural resources (eg forests and mineral resources), human capital (a person’s income over a lifetime), capital produced (buildings, infrastructure, etc. Globally, and this is good news, wealth has
The report makes three major findings:

Inequalities persist despite rising global wealth

In high-income OECD countries, per capita market exchange rate is 52 times higher e to that of low-income countries With almost double their level of wealth, low-income countries are posting a rise above the global average of 66%. Hermes Replica Belt

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