Apple Ipods Product Advancement Process Marketing Essay

Apple Ipods Product Production Process Marketing Essay


The success of business venture is dependant after numerous factors out which one is related to the product itself. The merchandise structure, feasibility and potential will be the driving force of the business success in confirmed market. In this respect, Apple Inc.’s new launch of iPod, an MP3 music player has been a point of focus of engineering industry plus the competitors. Immediately after its launch in October 2001, Apple record a 125,000 units sale which managed to get the second most significant manufacturing brand on the globe for very good music player. This report aims to recognize the merchandise development process, approach, issues and conditions that were faced by Apple in the event of the launch of ipod device. Furthermore, the record will discuss how a new product can bring detailed feedback for additional steps the business can take to ensure that it meets today’s benchmarks of quality and to study the way for evaluation of the success of product development procedure.

Implementation Procedure for Apple’s iPod

Apple Inc has been famous for its Macintosh computer that was a landmark accomplishment in the computers history. However, to hit the bottom line again also to establish a new earnings line for the business, Apple developed a fresh device for MP3 which could attract greater degree of attention from users around the world. For this accomplishment, Apple Inc. established something Design Chain concept that is based around the idea of outsourcing the best technologies from the market leaders and give attention to the core product operation for a guaranteed high quality product needlessly to say by the company. Apple entered right into a very controlled and one of a kind Non-Disclosure Agreements with a design and style development provider named Portalplayer which manufactured the development equipment. Portalplayer even more entered into agreements with other companies to build up the circuits and related systems for attaining perfection to the core. The five key partners of Apple Inc. were Sony to build up battery, Wolfsen to develop codec and DAC, Toshiba to build up disk travel, Texas Instruments to build up firewire and Linear Technology to build up power management devices (Sherman, 2011).

The product design chain allowed Apple Inc. to lessen its production costs to bare minimum as the market leaders having infrastructure and fundamental knowledge would manufacture each unit at a lowest feasible cost helping Apple to sell the product at a good price concurrently ensuring consistent supply of the product. Source and demand gap is essential step for the firms to remain available in the market without sacrificing the demand or the way to obtain the product after time. Time management with regards to reaching the market and product production were important factors which were dealt through the merchandise design chain.

Challenges and Concerns Apple Inc. Faced

For a product to be successful, it is necessary to ensure that the merchandise is well positioned, is of top quality and is affordable. All of these aspects pose greater issues to the designers and manufacturers of a fresh product. Apple Inc. as well faced these problems in conditions of developing the product and ensuring high quality of each component which was a prominent issue as Apple had a limited expertise and leadership situation in the hardware development. To create iPod successful full sentence outline, it was pertinent a strong focus should be given to each component of the device and having a surety that the merchandise can meet the needed demand. Apple Inc. offers been able to achieve an excellent products reputation in the market which makes it important for iPod to maintain that image (Krazit, 2004). Apple Inc. therefore outsourced the making of parts to the leaders on the market in a distinctive and diverse manner. Due to this fact, each component was created by the company that includes a core expertise for the reason that particular component.

Another significant challenge that Apple Inc. confronted was the protection of its iPod design and how it had been actually developed with its primary strength. The entire MP3 player was based on its engineering which made this device a world famous music player that has the ability to record unrestricted music and can be utilized anywhere all over the world. The unique design and concept is the primary durability of Apple. So in order to develop the merchandise of top quality from the third parties and at the same time ensuring the safeguard of the trade secrets, Apple applied non disclosure agreements that were unusually good to restrict the third parties from disclosing the design engineering to the public.

New Product Probable to Retrieve Feedback

The new product has the capacity to re-announce or promote the company trade brand among the consumers. When a new product is released to the consumers, there are expectations from them which are linked with days gone by reputation and photo of the company. However, when the brand new product has been examined and consumed by the buyers and the demand improves subsequently, it helps the business to anticipate another way for itself. If the square pyramid volume formula demand is growing and positive feedback is certainly received along with ways to improve, the company can continue to progress with a fresh vision and concepts for future growth and prosperity. Hence, the brand new product includes a potential to retrieve responses from the consumers that can help it to develop its future course and objectives.

Steps in New Product Development Process

There are eight (8) steps in the new product development process. The initial step pertains to generation of idea. The company must brainstorm, analyze and create an idea for developing a new product on the market that can cover a preexisting need of the consumers. The second step is to screen the idea that has been generating. Sometimes, the idea that is generated is not a practical one subsequently, it is important to analyse the idea in conditions of the benefits it could produce for the consumers, progress and size forecasts, technical feasibility and profitability. The third step is to develop the concept and test it in the market. It is important to receive preliminary reactions from the buyers and feedback to guarantee the viability and smoothness of the theory to develop the new product. The fourth stage is to investigate the business and to estimate the price. The fifth step is to beta test out the new product. This task allows company to ensure the success of the brand new product. The sixth stage pertains to the technical implementation. Seventh step pertains to commercialization and eight step relates to the new product pricing.

Approach to Assess Success of Product Development Process

The success of the merchandise development process can be assessed through the victory of the brand new product that is launched. If the merchandise will not receive expected response, there will be gaps in the merchandise development process that have been ignored or incorrectly answered.


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