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Hermes Handbags As soon as seven PDCI deputies published an open letter to denounce “the coup d’etat of Ouattara” “.

Thus, from mid-November, the word was said: coup! However, if the attempt on 7 December to formalize this usurpations beautiful little sentences like:

“BAi??diAi?? represents the legality

” Konan BAi??diAi?? is considered the new president of the
The constitution stipulated that in case of absolute incapacity of the head of the State in office duly recognized by the Supreme Court, this office was automatically assigned to the President of the Assembly
On 7 December, upon the official announcement of the death of the Head of State, Ouattara will try to put take advantage of this shortcoming to prevent the devolution of power to Henri Konan
In an article entitled “The Prime Minister is a successor of
Yesterday morning, the head of government summons in the greatest discretion his Minister of Defense and the chief of staff of the armies, who would have it, one affirms with the primature, ensured of their entirety. According to a Western diplomat visibly worried, this maneuver, while giving the impression to respect the basic law, allows Ouattara to ignore the new “president” and to maintain his quality of Premier
The best proof that there was indeed an attempt of usurpation, it is the step which Ouattara made with the French government of the time for his interpretation of the article of the Ivorian constitution regulating the transmission of the powers of the President of the Republic, in case of impediment or death of the holder, the President of the National Assembly until the end of the current mandate! (After Soir Info 03 December 2001)

A few weeks after his provisional victory over Ouattara, the new head of state confided to a journalist: “I could have arrested him”. Hermes Handbags

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