“After so many difficult years

You know, there are a lot of big givers out there but not all have pure selfless motivations. Some billionaires support causes simply because that’s the popular thing to do in the moment, or they give to charity to get their name on a building or as a mercenary means to cut another business deal. Some, quite frankly, command standing in philanthropic circles but they’re actually scoundrels with bad character..

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I: Why did I make a mistake?

He: Is there anybody else in my heart trying to forget me

I Are you happy with him?

he: Um am very happy with you

i: be always happy to be happy

Yati cuts the phone.. On the other hand, I remembered the moment that we spent on the Black River. After all, it seems like I came and I said: Can you say Yehna Why?

She: How did I get it?

I: Well, you’re near


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